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Concrete Splitting Machinery

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Steinex Concrete splitting lines

dsc 9051 gimp400Steinex solutions for splitting concrete are numerous. The type of solution offered to our customers depends on factors such as material type, block or slab dimensions, desired final product and the level of automation required by the customer. These criteria are matched along with the customer’s potential budget.

Every Steinex concrete splitting plant adheres to the strictest security and safety requirements, coupled with workflow and operation simplicity to maximize operator safety, comfort and productivity.

The Steinex machine model at the heart of each splitting line depends on the overall requirements of the line but predominately belongs the the Steinex Wind Star machinery line. Windstar machines are built with 2 blade sets, horizontal and vertical and are designed to be used and integrated in automatic and semi-automatic stone and concrete splitting production lines. 



Wind Star 600 full-automatic line for concrete

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This line has been designed with the highest level of automation available, resulting in an optimum level of productivity while at the same time maximizing worker safety. The splitting machine in this line is the Windstar 600, supplied with a horizontal  blade length of 600mm, a maximum split height of 300mm and a splitting force of up to 50 ton  The line includes an special automated material loading and unloading system  ensuring the  Wind Star machine is always running at maximum capacity. Furthermore an automated feed pusher system is provided, managing the splitting  process with great precision and accuracy, ensuring the final split-face product meets the desired requirements exactly. For management of the line,  an easy to manage programmable console is provided,  allowing the operator to select the desired production cycle from the pre-programmed menu.



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Windstar 1280 full-automatic line for concrete

impiantobraunconpinza gimppix500The Steinex machine Windstar 1280 offers a large opening and is  particularly well suited to splitting of concrete slabs.  The blade is 1280mm long with a 1500mm machine opening and a maximum splitting height of 450mm. The splitting force of this model is matched to the customer's material requirements such as slab width and height along with the typology of the material. This model can easily be integrated with the desired automatic loading and unloading system and automated feeding system. 










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braun 133 gimpresize270braun193 scala270



 Wind Star 600 automatic line for concrete

These Steinex splitting lines for concrete are defined as semi-automatic, due to manual or semi-automatic loading of material to be split and manual or semi-automatic unloading of the split product. This particular line for concrete is configured with Wind Star 600 model but any of the Steinex Wind Star models may be used depending on the customer requirements. Loading and unloading of  the material is normally carried out using a crane or other mechanical lifting system.    

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impiantowindstar semiaut websitegimp250

Steinex semi-automatic and manual solutions for splitting concrete

Steinex offers a number of simple stand-alone machine options for the customer when automation is not required,  to match most budgets. The Broadway 600 for example  offers a simple  inexpensive solution  with specially designed spitting tools angled at just the right degree for concrete to optimize the quality of the split. Management of the split process on these machines can be automated to some degree through the use of lasers, measurment strikers and other and other measurement technology.  

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broadway sherpa 600x300 brf  banco gimpresize400broadway600 gimp300






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